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Google I/O 2013 registration page: under the hood

I’ve tried registering for Google I/O from 3pm till 3:55 pm (GMT+1 time). While trying and waiting, I checked out their javascript code. There’s actually not much to it: The checkWaitListStatus function checks the following url every 10 seconds or

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Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) in Flash !

Yes, it’s possible. You create hundreds of .ts files holding an h264 video. You then create a m3u8 playlist and it plays on any iPhone, iPad or other iDevice.  Now how can you play this in Firefox, Chrome or IE? 

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Google I/O Easter Eggs explained

Google just updated their website around Google I/O and added tons of Easter Eggs to it. After trying out some codes, I got bored and started digged into their source code. It’s located here: Just search for: ww.mode.register(“home” I

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